February 26, 2022

What is Y8 game? Top 5 hottest two-player Y8 games

By admin

Welcome to gamezity’s introductory article today. Soon, I will share with you about the very hot web game genre today called Y8 game. This is a game genre that runs well on low-end machines, and is loved by many young people and children.

What is Game Y8? And when experiencing this extremely popular game series, which game is in the top favorite. What are the best fighting games and games available today? Please refer to the content below to find the answer.

What is Game Y8?

Let’s first find out through the concept of what game Y8 is. Maybe he with many 9x people, the game Y8 game is in the childhood of many people. But they are not the genre of the game but the name of the game maker running directly on the web platform.

Game Y8, or more accurately called Y8 Games, is a very popular game publisher in Vietnam today. With a system of more than tens of thousands of web games and fanpage with more than 30 million followers. Very terrible for 1 community page, right? This shows the attractiveness of this company not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world.

So specifically which game Y8 game has the most negotiated games today? Here, gamehot.info will review for you a list of 5 best Y8 2 player fighting games. And here are the 5 most popular games announced by the company today.

Review the top 5 best Y8 games for 2 players

Hopefully, with 5 games Y8 2 players shared below, you will have the right choice to play with your friends.

Football Legends 2016 – Two-player Y8 soccer game

The first game we want to introduce to you is a very cute game called Football Legends 2016. This is one of the best Y8 2 player games in football genre.

The game is inspired by the world’s most loved sport. Football Legends 2016 always brings you the most relaxing and enjoyable entertainment moments. From unsuccessful attacks to home net burning. Or the moment when I laughed because I just scored against the other team.

Link game Football Legends 2016: https://en.y8.com/games/football_legends_2016

Creetor Animation Fighting – Two-person fighting game Y8

The 2nd place of this ranking is the game Creetor Animation Fighting. It can be said that this is a very good Y8 2-person fighting game, always in the top rankings on y8.com ever.

With the plot taken from the childhood anime series of many gamers. Game Creetor Animation Fighting gives players classic fighting scenes like the previous video card games. Players will use many pre-set game skills to destroy opponents.

Link to play game Creetor Animation Fighting: https://en.y8.com/games/creetor_animation_fighting_luffy_vs_naruto

Gun Mayhem – Two-person shooter game

Next in 3rd place is the Y8 2 player Gun Mayhem game. This name was mentioned by us in the top Y8 shooter in the previous post. Say 2 people like that, but the maximum number of players that can participate is 4 people. Each person’s mission will be to use the weapons they have, push the rest of the players off their lovely island.

Small tip for you is that this game has a variety of guns from long range to shoot close. And when joining the “dirty best friends”, the winner laughs, the loser also laughs, very funny.

Link game Gun Mayhem: https://en.y8.com/games/gun_mayhem

AZ – Two-player Y8 shooter

In 4th place will be the legendary AZ tank shooter Y8. This is a game played a lot from the time when the portable electronic versions to the present day.

The game has a very simple but extremely smooth and cool interface. AZ allows up to 3 players: 2-person keyboard, 1-person mouse. The style in the game is very similar to the classic tank shooting games in the past we often play. The maze will appear many maps, corners and walls can reflect bullets. Note that your bullets can still destroy you.

Link to play the game AZ: https://en.y8.com/games/az

Championship Cock Fighters

At the bottom of this list is the chicken fighting game Y8 Championship Cock Fighters. If you are a cock fighter, this game is very suitable for you. The game simulates the classic match between 2 battle chickens.

Your task is to combine your keys and skills in a reasonable way to give the correct attack, defeat the other chicken as quickly as possible.

Link game Championship Cock Fighters: https://en.y8.com/games/championship_cock_fighters


So through this article we have introduced to you what game Y8 is and the list of the hottest 2 player y8 games today. Hopefully, the above useful information will be an introduction for you to experience relaxing moments with your friends or lover. Thank you.