What size is the world’s largest python ever discovered?

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Why is the size of the giant python getting so much attention? Although consecutive records have been broken in the past 10 years, but people think that they are still relatively “small” pythons, even there are pythons with a much larger size. but has not been detected.

The giant python is very scary, it is enough to swallow a person as well as cause a lot of danger to people’s lives, so people think that the giant python with a length of more than ten meters is very normal. .


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So are giant pythons over 10 meters long really that common? Of course there are many different news on this topic, but you can see that so far no matter how “big” the python is, it has not been more than 10 meters long. There was even a particularly interesting prize offered by the Animal Society of New York for catching a python more than 10 meters long, but so far no one has been able to claim that amount.


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The world’s largest snake ever recorded until now weighs nearly half a ton, 9.7m long, body diameter up to 1m.


Up to the present time, the world’s largest python was discovered by workers at the Belo Monte dam in Brazil, a giant python with a size and total length from head to tail of 9.7m, diameter body up to 1m.

To lift this giant creature off the ground, workers had to use chains and cranes.

Based on the yellow spots exposed in the abdomen of the python, experts believe that this is the Anaconda python – the largest, most violent python species on the planet.

With this discovery, this will be the largest python species in the world recorded to date.


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According to research by scientists, the size of pythons is extremely difficult to surpass 10 meters, so no matter what information about the size of pythons longer than 10 meters, we should not be deceived. by this lie.

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