Amazing predation: a 68 kg hyena becomes a victim of the voracious appetite of a giant python

68 kg hyena swallowed by giant python
An extremely rare sight when a hyena weighing about 68 kg was swallowed by a rock python in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Africa.

According to Kay Holekamp, ​​a zoologist at the University of Michigan, USA, this is the first time she knows that a python can swallow a large and intelligent animal like a hyena.

The video was recorded by Jos Bakker, a Dutch web designer while on vacation in Africa.



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After receiving the video from Bakker, Holekamp and his assistants were amazed. They said that with an adult hyena, they can take down the python easily. Perhaps the python suddenly attacked the lone hyena, quickly strangling it. If the hyena fights back, the rock python can be torn apart by its claws.

The largest rock python in Africa. The adult rock python has a length of up to almost 8 m, weighs more than 90 kg.

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