The mutant turtle in Nepal is worshiped by the people

A bright yellow tortoise is revered by people in a village in Nepal because it resembles the incarnation of a Hindu god.

The turtle has a brilliant yellow shell due to a rare genetic mutation that changes pigmentation. The animal currently lives in a small village in the Dhanushadham area, located in the Dhanusha district in Nepal.

This is the first golden tortoise of Lissemys punctata andersoni species discovered in this country. Previously, in the world, researchers had only recorded 4 similar animals.

Kamal Devkota, a reptile expert, said the mutant turtle has deep spiritual significance, cultural and religious values in Nepal. Because to the people in the village, it resembles the embodiment of God Vishnu in Hinduism, so it is very worshiped by devotees.

nepal con rua dot bien duoc nguoi dan ton tho sung kinh

Devotees believe that the animal resembles the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.

“People here believe that the god Vishnu takes the form of a turtle to save the universe from destruction. In Hinduism, the upper shell of the turtle represents the sky, and the lower shell represents the earth.” , Mr. Devkota said.

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