Strangely rare two-headed albino snake

Recently, biologists at the Sunshine Serpents Research Institute in Florida, USA have hatched 7 eggs of Honduras milk snakes. When the eggs hatched, they were surprised to find a pair of twin snakes and a two-headed albino snake.

Two-headed snake.

The odds of a two-headed snake appearing are extremely rare: 1 in 10,000 eggs and an albino snake is even rarer. Normally, albino creatures are only white, but in snakes, albino means lack of dark pigment. Therefore, we can still see the orange color on this snake’s body.

For snakes, albino means lack of dark pigment, so we
orange color can still be seen on the snake’s body.

Biologist  Daniel Parker  exclaimed: “I couldn’t believe what I saw.” Biologists say that this snake will hardly live in the natural environment. However, in captivity, Mr. Parker tin believed it could live for 20 years.

Having two heads will make it difficult.


Two-headed snakes will have up to two brains to give orders, so they will have difficulty in all activities. When eating, the two heads will eat together and of course the food will still only go down one stomach.

You can see more pictures of two-headed snakes here !

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