SHOCK Live Animal Markets in Asia!!! Best Ever Mekong Delta Food Tour

These markets where live animals are sold and often slaughtered on site for consumption, live animal markets continue to thrive in many parts of Asia, including the Mekong Delta region. And for food enthusiasts and adventurers, a tour of the Mekong Delta is a must-try experience.

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam, which spans over 15,000 square miles, is located in southwestern Vietnam and is home to a wide range of exotic and delicious foods. A food tour of the region is the perfect way to explore the local cuisine, from street food to more elaborate dishes.

On a Mekong Delta food tour, visitors can sample a variety of dishes made with local ingredients, such as fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and aromatic herbs and spices. Some popular dishes include banh mi, pho, and various seafood specialties. The food is often served in bustling markets and street stalls, providing a unique and authentic experience.

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