Rediscovering Revere Pewter: The Gorgeous Greige Makes A Comeback

Revere Pewter is a special and captivating color, known as greige – a beautiful combination of beige and gray. If you’re looking to infuse freshness into your interior walls, this is the color for you. In this article, we’ll explore the charm of Revere Pewter and how it can transform your home, along with inspiring ideas for your next DIY painting project.

What Is Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter offers a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, closer to beige than gray, making it an ideal choice for both home and office interiors. This color, once popular a decade ago, was part of the beloved Benjamin Moore greige paint colors. Although its popularity may have waned over time, Revere Pewter is now making a remarkable comeback.

HEX Code for Revere Pewter

The HEX Code for Revere Pewter is #CBC6B8. Benjamin Moore describes it as “a light gray with warm undertones, creating a unifying look that calms and restores – a perfect choice for an open floor plan.”

Understanding Greige

Greige is a neutral color that beautifully blends gray undertones with beige. It has gained popularity due to its versatility and its ability to balance any room among the limited neutral color choices of black, white, gray, and brown.

More Beige Or Gray?

Revere Pewter strikes a delicate balance within the greige color family. While it embraces both gray and beige, beige is the dominant and stronger color, adding a touch of freedom and uniqueness to this rebellious greige hue.

The LRV Of Revere Pewter

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Revere Pewter is 55, indicating that it reflects half of the light it is exposed to. This balanced LRV makes it a suitable choice for rooms with decent light exposure, offering an ideal blend of warmth and coolness.

Colors That Complement Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter effortlessly pairs with other colors, making it easy to balance any room’s aesthetics. Benjamin Moore suggests four neutral colors to complement Revere Pewter:

  1. Fog Mist OC-31: A sophisticated and versatile off-white color, creating serene environments.
  2. Copley Gray HC-104: Part of the Historic Color collection, a refined and elegant hue perfect for traditional and contemporary spaces.
  3. Amherst Gray HC-167: Also part of the Historic Color collection, delivering timeless color suitable for various design styles.
  4. Shadow Gray 2125-40: A bold and saturated color from Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview collection, adding life to spaces.

Revere Pewter Alternatives

While Revere Pewter is an exceptional color, there are other wonderful options to consider, ranging from grayer to more beige tones. Some alternatives from Benjamin Moore include:

  • Titanium OC-49
  • Edgecomb Gray HC-173
  • Natural Cream OC-14
  • Pashmina AF-100
  • Balboa Mist OC-27
  • Classic Gray OC-23
  • Thunder AF-685

Is Revere Pewter Right For You?

Revere Pewter’s versatility and unique blend of beige and gray make it a great fit for most spaces. However, personal taste varies, and if Revere Pewter doesn’t resonate with you, don’t fret. Explore the alternative colors, and remember, trying something new can lead to delightful surprises.

Rediscover the timeless charm of Revere Pewter, and let this gorgeous greige make a remarkable comeback in your home, infusing warmth and elegance to your living spaces.

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