February 26, 2022

Minecraft Dungeon – Not Masterpiece yet Great Enough

By admin

Maybe the blocks of Minecraft Dungeons will make many gamer players “bounce”, but gamezity still evaluates that this is a quality game.

As one of the three Minecraft-branded titles (besides Minecraft and Minecraft Earth), Minecraft Dungeons is an attempt to expand the brand’s influence in the Microsoft gaming industry, similar to what they are doing with Gears of War. This game was developed in cooperation between Mojang and Double Eleven Games, and was released on May 26. After two weeks of “plowing” the game, Gamezity would like to assess that Minecraft fans will not be disappointed when coming to this game.

Great graphics

Part of Minecraft’s success lies in its ability to stimulate gamers’ imagination through the game’s grotesque blocks, and Minecraft Dungeons do not hesitate to exploit that again. By reusing the familiar blocks in Minecraft and adding some new shapes plus modern visual and physics effects on the Unreal engine platform, Mojang and Double Eleven Games have successfully created. creating a game that both has a beautiful image while leaving room for gamers’ imagination to work.

Like Minecraft, the world of Minecraft Dungeons is made up of many different “biomes” (ecosystems), and each region has its own characteristics. Desert Temple (pyramid) has a golden color of sand with countless traps and long corridors filled with mummies, while the Soggy Swamp (wet swamp) is a sick … green dotted with trees glowing mushrooms and silky green slime flocks. Creeper Wood looks like a fantasy world with towering, steep hills connected together by suspension bridges, while Pumpkin Pastures is covered in warm yellow-orange hues … When combined with visual effects Impressive lighting, the game gives gamers great frames that you can use as wallpaper, just like the drawings from Shinkai Makoto’s anime.

The stunning landscapes in Minecraft Dungeons also have an unexpected use for Morm: it re-inspired to build in the original Minecraft. The swamp scene of the game is an example: when I came to this area, I suddenly wanted to return to Minecraft, create a new world and embark on a swamp survival – an area that didn’t Few people pay attention to the game other than using it to… genocide the two types of monsters, Witch and Slime. Many other areas such as the Redstone Mines (Redstone mines) or the Desert Temple also stimulate the imagination in many different ways, and Gamezity believes he is not the only one to receive these inspiration when fighting through the screen. Minecraft Dungeons.

Attractive gameplay

As an action RPG, the first thing that Minecraft Dungeons need to do well is the feeling of fighting. No matter how beautiful the image is, how diverse the build is, but if it does not satisfy the needs of gamers for “happy eyes, hands” when destroying monsters, the game will fail. After experiencing the game, Gamezity can confidently say that Mojang and Double Eleven have succeeded in giving gamers of Minecraft Dungeons a “standard from correction.”

Indeed, while the graphics are the first thing that impresses Minecraft Dungeons gamers, perhaps its main highlight is the battle area. Because the game is aimed at young gamers, the development team has neglected to create violent gore images that focus on engaging players with colors, effects and sounds. Every encounter in Minecraft Dungeon is a party of images, when all kinds of bright colors flare up and disappear on the background, there are dark, somewhat gloomy environmental scenes. These are amazingly mesmerizing frames.

The physical effects are always what contributes to the realism of an action RPG game. I think Mojang did a really good job of this, because every weapon the characters use in the game – whether it’s a sledgehammer or arrows – create the feeling of impact and the necessary “weight.” . The monsters are also affected by the physical effects, so gamers will see them flying after the hammer swing or TNT explosion, contributing to perfecting the feeling of fighting in the game.

In short, Mojang and Double Eleven have succeeded in creating the fighting feel of Minecraft Dungeons, and this is what gamers need most in an RPG game. It is enough to make gamers forget the boring and bland storyline of the game, just like I did not say anything about it until this point.

Various ways to create Build

Creating an easy-to-play, tough gameplay with just two weapon slots, one armor slot and three artifact slots was not easy, but Double Eleven and Mojang did. By bringing in the game an extremely diverse enchant system, the developers created the opportunity for gamers to play Minecraft Dungeon to create characters that follow the image of warriors, archers, Classic mages or strange hybrid character types. You can be a gunner who cannot be caught while still pouring arrows at the monsters, a warrior carrying a sledgehammer capable of “collective assault” with just his strength, a mage who shoots a demon laser God and many, many other builds.

Creating the complete character according to the player’s wishes will require a lot of time to plow, but Gamezity thinks this is a good thing. Minecraft Dungeons always know how to make gamers feel rewarded through each game screen, even every moment of fighting. For every few monsters beaten, gamers will receive an Emerald “fountain”, and every few broken pottery items will bring a new weapon. Many items only drop from high-level enemies, giving gamers goals for non-stop plowing. The more players play, the more powerful gamers will become, attach more enchants to their equipment, discover new ways to build new items, and so on extending the game’s replay value.

And the ways of building, the weapons enchant “from grip to tongue” that gamers get after working hard will be meaningless if there are no worthy opponents. Minecraft Dungeons give gamers a variety of monsters, from the monsters that Minecraft players are familiar with many new (but still square and cute) monsters and their variations. Similar to the Diablo or Wolcen that Mormon played recently, these monsters will be given new powerful mechanics, creating more challenging battles and then when defeated, they explode into better items, creating an “addictive” gameplay loop for gamers.

It is also necessary to reiterate that Minecraft Dungeons do not restrict gamers to a single character class. Your fighting style is entirely dependent on the equipment you wear, the artifacts you choose, their enchants. You also don’t have to plow again and again every time you get a new item, because the game allows you to “recycle” the old weapon and keep the enchant so you can use it on a new weapon easily. As a result, gamers can freely explore, test the character building methods they have in mind and choose the most interesting way to enjoy the fighting part of the game.

In short, Minecraft Dungeons is a pretty great RPG game, although its storyline is very short. It is a skillful combination of Mojang’s bright visual style with the combat gameplay experience Double Eleven got from Songbringer, plus the addictive gameplay loop that predecessors like Diablo, Grim Dawn, Torchlight, Titan Quest… perfected and developed.

When adding more flexibility in character building with mountains of armor, weapons, artifacts to unlock and use, Gamezity can summarize the gameplay of the game into four similar “easy to play, hard to excel” words like many other RPG games. Whether you want to jump into the game to kill time by slashing and shooting pitiful monsters, or want to do it the most efficiently, quickly through “min, max” (optimal only numbers and equipment), Minecraft Dungeon are both a great choice.

The game is available on PC (Windows Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.


  • Nice graphics.
  • Attractive gameplay.
  • High replay value.


  • Square blocks are not for everyone.
  • The plot simply lacks emphasis.