Maximizing Space: Turning a 5-Inch Gap into Smart Storage in the Kitche

Section 1: Introduction

Introducing the concept of kitchen customization and the renovation project of Megan Ananian and Andrew Ginn.
Highlighting the limitations of their original kitchen and the need for a renovation.


Section 2: The Renovation Process

Describing the couple’s decision to gut the kitchen and install IKEA cabinets with Semihandmade fronts.
Mentioning the addition of a marble countertop, backsplash, and a slim spice drawer as a buffer between the oven and the waterfall edge.
Referring to the accompanying illustration provided by Ananian.

Section 3: Compromises and Critical Measurements

Discussing the couple’s decision to keep the existing oven but remaining open to the possibility of replacement in the future.
Highlighting the importance of raising the upper cabinets to the ceiling and reducing the dishwasher width for optimal space utilization.

Section 4: Reflections and Improvements 

Sharing the couple’s reflections on the renovation journey.
Mentioning the desire for pull-out trash bins and more pull-out drawers or space for an appliance garage.
Recognizing the challenges of incorporating these features in New York City apartments.

Section 5: Conclusion

Summarizing the transformation of the kitchen and its functionality.
Emphasizing the importance of thoughtful planning and customization in optimizing limited space.
Concluding with a reminder that even small kitchens can be highly functional with the right design approach.
Please note that this breakdown is for reference purposes, and you can adjust or modify it as per your needs

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