Embrace Tranquility with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt: The Ultimate Color Choice for Homeowners


  • Overview of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and its popularity among homeowners.
  1. What Color is SW Sea Salt?
  • Description of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt as a blue-green paint color with a relaxing, coastal feel.
  • Mention of its Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and how it reflects light.
  1. SW Sea Salt vs BM Sea Salt Paint
  • Clarification that Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is green, while Benjamin Moore Sea Salt is gray.
  • Emphasize the difference in appearance and undertones between the two colors.
  1. A Color Chameleon
  • Explanation of how Sherwin Williams Sea Salt can look different shades of blue or green depending on lighting conditions.
  • Influence of natural light and artificial lighting on the color’s appearance.
  1. Cool Undertones
  • Discussion of the cool undertones in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, blending gray and green.
  • Highlighting the changeable nature of the color in different lighting situations.
  1. Coordinating Colors
  • Recommendation of coordinating colors for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, including SW Comfort Gray, Spare White, Summit Gray, and Fleur de Sel.
  • Mention of gray as a good partner color for Sea Salt.
  1. Bold Contrasts
  • Suggestion of creating bold contrast by pairing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt with dark hues like black, navy blue, or deep teal.
  1. What Rooms are Best for SW Sea Salt?
  • Guidance on using Sea Salt in any room, but considering the lighting and specific characteristics of the space.
  • Suggestion to use Sea Salt as an accent in darker rooms and the potential for a bluer appearance in well-lit rooms.
  1. Paint a Sample of Sea Salt in Your Room
  • Importance of sampling the color in the specific room and lighting conditions.
  • Recommendation to buy a sample container or order a peel and stick sample.
  1. Rooms Painted Sea Salt
  • Showcase of various rooms and spaces that have been painted with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.
  • Descriptions and visuals of each room, highlighting the unique features and design choices.
  1. Final Thoughts
  • Recap of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt’s versatility and its ability to create a relaxing, coastal ambiance.
  • Encouragement to explore the color in different spaces and lighting conditions to find the perfect fit for each homeowner’s preferences.

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