Breaking Boundaries: 7 Inspiring Examples of Modern Farmhouse Exteriors


Section 1: Introduction

In the world of modern farmhouse exteriors, there has been a prevailing trend of traditional designs, often lacking in variation. However, recent observations indicate a subtle yet significant shift in this architectural style, with designers and homeowners embracing more innovative and creative approaches. This article explores seven inspiring examples of modern farmhouse exteriors that break the mold and redefine the aesthetics of country living.

The newfound allure of cool shades of green and charcoal, unconventional window silhouettes, and the increased prominence of front porches are just a few of the elements driving this refreshing change in farmhouse design.

Section 2: The Light-Filled Lakeside Farmhouse

Architect Paul Bates’s vision comes to life in the light-filled lakeside farmhouse. The use of round windows adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the all-black paneling, creating a stunning visual contrast. The front-facing operable window not only elevates the design but also provides an unobstructed view of the picturesque lakeside scenery.

Section 3: The Verdant Farmhouse

KLH Custom Homes, a Michigan-based design and build company, demonstrates the versatility of cement board siding in the verdant farmhouse. The decision to use this material complements the rich green hue of Sherwin-Williams’s Jasper, creating a harmonious blend of colors that exude natural beauty and earthiness.

Section 4: The Mix-and-Match Farmhouse

Studio McGee cofounder Shea McGee’s ground-up project in Arizona showcases a mix-and-match approach to modern farmhouse design. Dark bronze dormer windows and a corrugated metal roof beautifully balance the white painted brick exterior, adding depth and character to the home. The front porch and garden area become inviting spaces, beckoning visitors to step inside.

Section 5: The Timeworn Farmhouse

In Birmingham, Alabama, Alice Callahan Thompson’s home embodies the charm of a timeworn farmhouse. The combination of charcoal-stained horizontal siding and vertical aged cedar planks creates a captivating facade that pays homage to the past. The use of old or salvaged wood adds a touch of history and rustic character, making the home truly unique.

Section 6: The Connected Farmhouse

The Ada, Michigan home showcases the beauty of a covered breezeway connecting the main house to a separate guesthouse. Sherwin-Williams’s Caviar enhances the elegance of the breezeway, offering a seamless transition between the two structures. This architectural feature not only adds convenience but also becomes a focal point of functional design.

Section 7: The Kid-Centric Farmhouse

Outdoor aesthetics play a vital role in real estate, as evidenced in Valerie Saunders’s design of the kid-centric farmhouse. The wood-paneled walkway and inviting tree swing in the front yard create a delightful play area for children and evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

Section 8: The Sleek Barn Farmhouse

KLH Custom Homes makes another appearance, this time transforming traditional barn architecture into the sleek barn farmhouse. The addition of a covered porch and unique window scheme breathes new life into the structure, while the two-part windows in the kitchen add functionality and style.

Section 9: Conclusion

The evolution of modern farmhouse exteriors is evident in these seven inspiring examples. From daring color choices and inventive window designs to architectural features that redefine farmhouse living, creativity and innovation abound in this architectural style. As designers and homeowners continue to break boundaries, the modern farmhouse aesthetic will undoubtedly keep evolving, celebrating the harmonious marriage of rustic charm and contemporary elegance.

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