February 26, 2022

Astro’s Playroom – Monopoly Free Game combined with the PlayStation 5

By admin

Playstation 5 – Sony’s latest generation next-gen gaming machine, is the topic that is most interested by people thanks to its design and features. And unlike previous generations of Playstation, when you own a PS5, you will receive a completely free game for this system, which is Astro’s Playroom. So is this just a free game, or is it a well-invested product? We will find out in this article together.

Introduction of Astro’s Playroom

Developed by Team Asobi, Astro’s Playroom follows in the impressive footsteps of its excellent PSVR exclusive, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Much like that adventure crafted its levels and challenges around the concept of viewing a platformer in VR, here Team Asobi has really considered what it means to build one around the DualSense. You could technically play these levels without any of the DualSense’s new functionality, but like its predecessor Playroom serves as a strong argument for just how immersive an experience can be when fully using this new technology.

From images and promotional trailers that have been announced, Astro’s Playroom has a similar design style to the previous one. The game has vibrant colors, bright, modern and cute robot characters. Graphics are not too epic, but still beautiful and polished enough.

Content and gameplay

This will be a pretty light game, without hacking the brain or having too complex content. When playing the game, you will transform into cute robots and travel the world, overcoming challenges and obstacles. The way of playing the game is still like many other titles with the same theme.

Because it’s a product that lets you test new controllers, playing Astro’s Playroom you’ll have to use a lot of flexible buttons. To play games with high scores requires agility and eyesight. The sound technology has also been impressively improved. According to players who have experienced reality, the sound speaker in the new handle for higher spread range than many older generations is DualShock 4. The sound is vivid and detailed.

Does Astro’s Playroom support VR?

Astro Bot Rescue Mission – its predecessor was a platform game and made good use of VR headsets. Although not as popular as the Rachet and Clank series, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is still loved by many PS VR users. According to current information, Astro’s Playroom will almost certainly be installed by default available on the upcoming PS5 machine. But whether it will support VR like the elder brother is still unclear. But surely the fans of the Astro series are looking forward to it.

In addition to Astro’s Playroom, on PS5 there will be a number of other titles that are less attractive by default, like Final Fantasy 16, God of War: Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West. Are you planning to buy PS5 next November?

Astro’s Playroom PS5 Screenshots

Astro’s literal Playroom is, amusingly, the “inside” of your PlayStation 5 console, with its CPU Plaza hub offering you gateways to four main worlds: Cooling Springs, GPU Jungle, Memory Meadows, and SSD Speedway. Each offers a unique approach to conveying sensation through the DualSense and features its own platforming hooks, ranging from the just alright act of rolling a ball around using the touchpad in Memory Meadows to the enjoyable jumping frog suit of Cooling Springs to the stellar monkey climbing and swinging of GPU Jungle.

Lastly, the final suit turns Astro into a ball that requires you to constantly flick a finger across the touchpad to propel yourself forward, pressing it to stop the ball’s momentum entirely. These levels are… fine. They’re challenging enough to test your reflexes as you try not to fall into a cloudy abyss, and the screeching halt of a stop allows for some pretty precarious sections, but it’s not too different from any sort of rolling ball puzzle I’ve played in plenty of other games.

In addition to Astro’s Playroom, on PS5 there will be a number of other titles that are less attractive by default, like Final Fantasy 16, God of War: Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West.

Astro’s Playroom surprised and delighted me. This PS5 pack-in most certainly hues closer to a technical showcase, essentially a loosely-structured sandbox to mess around in and discover what the PS5 has to offer. But it has enough collectibles, creative ideas, and genuinely exciting uses of the DualSense that PS5 owners shouldn’t brush this one aside in the launch lineup. After months and months of hearing how the DualSense would immerse me like never before, Astro’s Playroom put promises into practice and impressively proved what’s possible with the PS5’s new controller.