1. Bathing the cobra with milk
During the Naga-Panchami (snake festival) season between July and August, hundreds of devotees flock to the temple in Amritsar city, Punjab state, northern India. On the main day of the festival, each group of people wakes up at dawn, rushes to the river to bathe to “cleanse” before conducting the ritual of bathing the snakes with milk.
King cobras are held tightly so that devotees quickly sprinkle cow’s milk all over them, then offer fresh flowers to the snake god. According to the Hindu concept, seeing a cobra is a blessing and a sign of a happy future, full of money. Photo: CHINA NEWS
2. The custom of blowing the trumpet to hypnotize snakes
In a tribe in the southern state of Gujarat – India has a very special custom of hypnotizing snakes. This custom has been taught to everyone in the tribe since the age of 2 with many strict rules such as how to keep a distance from the snake.
When performing the ritual, the snake is placed in a small circular basket made of natural materials. Snakes are considered sacred and are “hypnotized” by special musical instruments. The blower succeeded when the snake swayed to the sound of the trumpet. Photo: SOHU
3. Snakes and Maturity Ritual
In the old days, in the north of Australia, the image of the iridescent snake was associated with coming-of-age ceremonies. At that time, in the coming-of-age rite, people reconstructed the legend of a person being swallowed by a five-colored snake, and then spit out a baby. The temporary death of a baby symbolizes the transition to adulthood. Photo: SOHU
In the northern highlands of Mount Elgon, halfway between Uganda and Kenya, snakes can freely enter people’s homes without being killed. That’s because people believe that killing snakes is killing their ancestors. Not only that, here, snakes are considered the god of healing and giving children. Photo: AP
5. Snake worship in China
From North to South China, snake temples are numerous, especially in the provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong.
According to the ancients, the 12th day of the 4th lunar month is the birthday of the king of snakes, so people go to worship in large numbers. Folks often worship snakes with frogs because they think that when they are alive, snakes like to eat frog meat. Photo: THE STAR

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