85 Mind-Blowing Wave Tattoos And Their Meaning

85 Mind-Blowing Wave Tattoos And Their Meaning

Surfs up, dude! There aren’t many elements as versatile as water. A wave can take the form of a small shore break or rough tidal seas.

For many of us lucky people, we were raised listening to the crash of the waves onto the shore. Or checking the ocean first thing in the morning to see if the waves were good enough to surf.

A wave tattoo is the best visual representation of the element of water or the memories of surfing during the holidays. In this article, we share all you need to know about wave tattoo designs, meanings, styles, colors and placements to help you decide on your next masterpiece.

Popular Designs and Meanings

A tattoo is profoundly unique and often well-thought-out. It’s essential for most of us to place meaning in artwork to express our individuality. For those opting for a wave tattoo, you could love to surf, have nostalgic memories of a family beach holiday or possibly you’re a seaman or woman. For many, it could just be because they like the way a wave looks.

Best Wave Tattoos

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