The Great Buffet War: Flying Pizza and Memory at the Grand Theater (part 3)

Manchester United’s  victory and referee Riley’s controversial  decisions were enough to turn 90 minutes at Old Trafford into a memorable match. But what happened after the match was what made it unique.

Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson had spoken back and forth in the pit. It was really the moment that brought the game to a new level of tension, because in his autobiography, Sir Alex revealed that he and Wenger often invited each other out for a drink after the game, despite the results. And things really went too far when a piece of pizza flew straight into Sir Alex to United players’ surprise. Nobody knew who the real culprit behind this shocking act was, nor did any camera record this moments in the l. However, according to Ashley Cole’s autobiography, it was not an Englishman or a Frenchman, and the most appropriate name was Cesc Fabregas

Also since then, this memorable battle has been set by the British media with a satirical name: the Great Buffet War. It was a literally a food fight, and dramatic happenings from both sides on and off the pitch were like a buffet for the curiosity of the fans. After the match, referee Mike Riley was blamed for making the wrong decisions. Ruud van Nistelrooy was banned for three matches for fouling Ashley Cole and Wenger was fined £ 15,000 for calling a player “a cheater”.  Ferguson admitted that the hostility between him and Arsene was at a very different level after that memorable night.

It has been 12 years since the Great Match, and there has been a lot of change since the 28 October 2004. The defeat not only ended Arsenal’s record, it also marked the end of a dynasty. In  2004/2005 season, the Gunners won only one FA Cup title before entering an era of nine years without a trophy. Meanwhile, historic victory at Old Trafford not only helped United to save England. It was also the landmark mark of the return of the Reds after the transfer. Cristiano Ronaldo is steadily stronger, while Wayne Rooney is also very fast, which is the hinge for Ferguson’s future success.

To this day, the Gooners certainly remain boldly feuded over a decade ago, a game in which they suffered too much warmth. With the Mancunians, the Old Trafford record was one of the highlights of the team in the Premier League era. But when it comes to the mood, every mention of the phrase “Great Buffalo Fighters” is a time when people regret a lost tradition. It’s been so long. The theater of dreams has not seen such drama so attractive. And it’s been too long before people have seen the hostile atmosphere of hatred between Manchester United and Arsenal.

The last time fans saw that, was when Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane were fighting in the pit at Highbury, just half a year after the famous “pizzagate”. It will be vivid memories of the golden age of the two most successful teams in the Premier League. And at the same time what fans looking forward to, in the days that both Reds and Gunners somewhat faded identity.

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