OM vs PSG – “Forget Ciné, just HETTERING tonight”

If there is something through which you can see pictures of French football, even the history and culture of the land, these are the banners with a lot of text on the stands of each. match. For the French, the words are roses, and also the gun.

And if there was a fan club of any team in Ligue 1 most famous for these banners, it had to be Saint-Etienne. Not only on the stands of Geoffroy Guichard, but also at the club’s L’Étrat training ground. Especially, at the Rhône-Alpes derby before Olympique Lyon, the banner shows the words as a message from the Sainte fans to both the pet team and the rival team, appearing continuously from time to time. before the ball rolls. The banners, depicting a history of hatred between the two teams.

Ciné, or cinema, is a proud value of the French, especially with the city of Lyon. Someone said, Lyon is the capital of the film industry. There, in August 1894, on the ground floor of an apartment on Saint Victor Street (now changed to Premier Film), the Lumière Brothers (lumière in French means light) consisted of Auguste and Louis Lumière. The first film which was later released in Paris on December 28, 1895. This day is later considered to mark the birth of film art.

Lyon was proud of the Lumière Brothers. Lyon Club is also proud of their splendid city, and at one time they called the new Parc OL home field by the Stadium of Light. If Lyon is considered the land of the ancient white dunes, then Saint-Etienne is considered the land of the ancient dunes. The difference in class has been ironic by the two-team supporters of rival teams since the Lyon club began to flourish to become a power of the continent. The Saint-Etienne said, “Lyon is just a rich man who can only play well.” In contrast, the Lyon replied, “When we invented the cinema, your father and your father were still hanging their heads. The mine. ”Saint-Etienne was the center of the French Loire coal basin.

Lyon arrived in Geoffroy Guichard, there will be no film or flashy, just hatred. But, the pun of the Sainte Supporters has not stopped there. “La Haine” means hatred, hatred, but it is also the name of a movie. It sounds paradoxical, when Saint-Etienne fans themselves denied ciné in the first place, yet they mentioned a movie title. However, they are selective with a clear intention. “La Haine” is a controversial film title of the French cinema as well as the world in 1995. The film tells the story of three boys who are immigrants in France, who are considered to be “Incompetent, corrupt”, they are against the police, against society, which is increasingly pushing themselves to the end. The period of the film’s birth pushed up the controversy, because at that time, French society was in a period of deep division with waves of bombing, shooting, killing.

Some messages like this which made the National Ethics Council (of the French Football Federation) to take part and claim to bring the matter to the Discipline Committee of the tournament. It is a reflection of the nature of the Rhône-Alpes derby, the hostility and fierce that perhaps the Classics of Le Classique OM vs PSG are not comparable.

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